Thursday, 8 September 2011

What's this blogging malarky all about then?

Well, this is a whole, new world to me! I'm a little bit frightened of the keyboard and have approached it with my sleeves rolled up and a 'right, you bastard, let's see what you've got' attitude. Not the most rational process I know, but, as the overused saying goes, welcome to my world!

I've spent a great deal of time over the years wondering what I'd actually enjoy doing to earn a living and my situation over the past few years has given me ample headspace in which to do exactly that. There's nothing like spending your days in the company of a toddler to make you realise that the thoughts inside your head need some sort of outlet! This realisation was compounded when I found myself addressing a frozen chicken, looking to its infinite wisdom for some kind of an affirmation of my opinions.

Hence, I find myself here. Clearly not earning a living, but having narrowed down my potential career paths. I think I may have left it a little late to pursue some of my more delusional aspirations. I blame an overexposure to teen dance movies in my formative years for one particular fantasy involving stage and screen. That SJP has much to answer for. In my youth, I longed to be a dancing, convent school rebel. In my adulthood, a sinewy, sexily-shod, gal-about-town! I ask you!

So, I've decided I'd like to write. Vague though that statement may be, at least it's a start and finding myself here is a huge leap of faith. I'm terrified of social networking. Sometimes I visit facebook purely as some form of self-abuse. All those images of familial perfection and zany acts of merriment leave me feeling somewhat lacking and lamenting my shitty hairdo. Plus, I look like I'm gurning when I smile, so I can't join in with the incessant photo posting. Why isn't my family unit indulging in some hearty, outdoor activity and where are the images of us on our summer jaunt, sun-kissed and a vision in linen?

So...what do I write about? I can't actually be honest can I? Surely I'll be offending en masse, left, right and centre? Oh Gawd...and people might not like me. I'm not thick-skinned enough for this lark!

But in amongst these doubting Thomas', I unearth what can only be described as an epiphany! Yep! If they're good enough for the heroines of the Classics, then they're good enough for me! How can you write without an opinion? Opinions make for an interesting and often stimulating read. I'm not promising masses of food for thought or groundbreaking revelations, but hopefully, the odd chuckle or occasional 'phew, thank God I'm not the only one!' We'll see.......